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Branding & Design Services

I work with conscious lifestyle and wellness brands to create customize, unique designs for their business. Having a unique brand identity will keep your company in the mind of potential customers and help you stand out amongst the saturation. A good visual identity is also key in establishing your brand’s values, essence, and character.  If you are in need of some design help and are interested in this service, I would love to chat with you and learn more about your business!

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Social Media Services

I specifically work with conscious lifestyle and wellness brands to help them grow their online presence. I can curate content specific to your business, keep a consistent posting schedule to your desired social platforms, and engage within your ideal community. This will help you grow your business in numbers, get you noticed by the consumers in your target market, and build lasting relationships with your followers. I am super passionate about social media, an expert in Instagram management, and am eager to help your business grow.

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Content Services

I specialize in working with conscious lifestyle and wellness brands to create content for their social media channels and other media outlets. Content creation, content re-purposing, and editing are my biggest passions. I am a firm believer that your visual identity is one of your business’s most important aspects as it’s an opportunity to share your brand story with your community in a genuine and creative way. 

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