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I have had a passion for the digital arts since I was a kid. I remember getting my first camera at seven years old (the ones where you still had to use film rolls) and being super excited to take photographs with it. Growing up I also loved to make short skits and music videos with my friends. I was fascinated by technology and understanding it came naturally to me.

In school I always gravitated towards the visual art and media courses, and when it was time to choose where I wanted to go for my post-secondary education I decided on a program called Communication, Media & Film (CMF) at the University of Windsor.

I have made great connections and learned many practical skills during my time in the CMF program. However, I didn’t feel as though I was gaining enough marketing knowledge in this program alone. So I started taking business classes for my electives and I ended up taking a minor in Entrepreneurship Business.

I have also taken many online marketing and social media courses taught by industry professionals to further expand my knowledge in the ever-growing media space. I love to learn, so when I am not overwhelmingly busy I invest in online courses that will expand my expertise and awareness in advertising or social media.

Lastly, when I’m not busy working with clients I’m blogging over on my Instagram page. I talk about mindful sustainable living and share plant-based recipes, come say hi!

Hey there, I´m Christa

I am a creative freelancer based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I call myself a creative freelancer because I don’t limit my creativity to one medium. However, my passion and skills lie within the realm of commercial photography and social media marketing and management. I further categorize my work into three pillars: social media, content creation, and branding/design.

For me, being a creative is more than just the work I do, it’s the way I think as well. When I’m presented with a problem I don’t think about it in a mathematical or scientific way. Instead, I think out problems thoughtfully, mindfully, and imaginatively.

This visionary mind of mine has led me to open up this boutique business and I have decided to name it Click Christa.

At Click Christa I specialize in working with small-to-medium sized companies and entrepreneurs in the conscious lifestyle and wellness niche. A conscious brand is a company that cares about the wellbeing of people, the planet, or animals. This could be a yoga studio, a sustainable clothing company, a clean beauty company, a vegan donut shop, a wellness practitioner, and so on.

If you are interested in my services, feel free to scroll down to see what services I can offer you. You may also contact me here and I’ll be in touch!

Click Christa Christa Bressan

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FAVOURITE MOVIE: Back to the Future







How we can work together…

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Branding & Design

I can help shape your organization’s image and values through brand identity. Having a visual brand identity is so important to keep your company in the mind of the consumer as well to help make you stand out amongst the saturation and competition. Let’s chat!

Social Media Management

If growing your brand presence online is your main goal my social media marketing and management services are for you! Through specific strategies I can help boost audience engagement on your posts while also maintaining your account. Let’s chat!

Content Creation

If you are in need of some content for your business social channels and outlets, I’m your girl! I love to create intentional and unique photos for each company I work with. Each shoot is thoughtfully planned out and tailored specific to each company in order to attract their ideal target audience. Let’s chat!

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I would love to get in touch to discuss your business needs and see if we would make a great fit.